Age is a delicate subject

Our Executive Creative Director – Nicola Roberts – on why creativity isn’t just a young person’s game.

It’s a delicate subject.
Especially if you’re a female of a certain age.
With it, comes a wealth of experience.
But also, the feeling of – dare I say it – being past your best.
Especially when you work in the creative industry.
After all, how many times have we all heard being a creative is a young person’s game?
Full disclosure at this point. I’m <cough> 51.
There I’ve said it.
But here’s the thing, I’m still enjoying the day job.
And if anything, I get more of a buzz out of conducting the creative department now, more so than ever before.
So what’s the big issue?
It’s often people’s perception of a 50+.
I’ve lost count of the number of debates had over the middle-aged woman that should feature in an advertisement.
People mostly conjure up this image of a grey-haired woman in a dull coloured puffer gilet, wearing a sturdy shoe.
A good chunk of my friends fall into the 50+ bracket, and they’re sassy, vibrant and full of beans.
They also don’t own a pair of shoes featured in the back pages of the Sunday supplements.
They bear no resemblance to what most believe a middle-aged woman should be portrayed as.
Now, when creatives now write a casting brief, they can’t specify age.
It’s great as it takes all judgment out of the age equation.
But we still haven’t cracked how not to typecast that certain age with a certain look.
Because the idea in most folks’ heads, isn’t the reality.
So, putting it out there.
50+ woman are not waiting to push up daisies.
They still make an impact on the world.
Can have pink, blue, red, black or very on trend grey hair.
Sometimes wear a heel.
Are often dynamic, creative leaders.
In fact, they’ve still got 40+ years to achieve whatever they want to.
It saddens me that the global pandemic has pushed a disproportionate number of women out of the workforce.
And that people can’t see beyond the wrinkles.
So, here’s to age.
Sarah Firth.
Fiona Beauchamp.
Anna Donaghey.
Nikki Bullard.
Helena Bonham Carter.
Zoe Ball.
Mary Portas.
Jo Whiley.
Helen Mirren.
Caitlin Moran.
Thank you for breaking the mould.
You are all amazing.

Now off to cast a vibrant woman in our next advert that leaves you oblivious to her age.
Or dare I dream it, not even thinking about her age.
Maybe just how brilliant she is.

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