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Ground-breaking launch to change the conversation around the menopause

Half of all menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness. But the topic of the menopause as well as its physical and mental health symptoms are barely talked about, meaning many women in suffer in silence.

To launch this ground-breaking treatment we conducted extensive research that brought to light the impact of vaginal dryness, from discomfort to low self-esteem and, in some cases, a breakdown of relationships.

Within the 50+ female audience, research informed how the focus and campaign would be best received by those aged 55 to 65, as they’re more likely to do something about the condition, and are still leading active, working lives.

Launched via a cinematic TV ad, involving a menopausal woman talking to a friend who introduces the campaign line, the sequences resolve with an uplifting tone which is echoed across print and digital ads.

Advert showing the Gina pack and the campaign headline ‘Have you heard about Gina?’

Sales to date have been strong in the UK retail trade, including key store groups such as Boots and Superdrug.

“We are delighted with the whole Gina campaign that Bray Leino has created. At Novo Nordisk we’re committed to pioneering treatments which can change the lives of people. People who were previously only able to get treatment from their GP now have Gina as an easily available option. We are confident that Gina can contribute to the growing movement empowering older women to not only manage, but to thrive after menopause.”

Lisa Axon at Novo Nordisk Ltd.

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