50/50 vision

At last, an authentic view of the 50+ world

For decades, the industry has looked at the over 50s as a homogenous group. They’re anything but.

Their motivations and triggers are diverse. And only our audience can give us the insights that influential work is built on.

So, we’ve assembled a nationally-representative community of more than 40,000 50+ers. They’re both launchpad and test-bed, igniting our strategies and honing our work.

They share our mission to rewrite the rules of communication with their peers.

Behind the data is rigorous behavioural science. The 50/50 vision process is led by chartered psychologist Dr Simon Moore. Using proprietary tools, he helps us uncover our audiences’ psychological, contextual, emotional, and unconscious responses.

Bespoke, science-backed, co-created, authentic, and measurably effective. That’s 50/50 vision.

Dr Simon Moore is a doctor of Psychophysiological Psychology and a Chartered Psychologist with the BSP. He helps clients look at their problems through a psychological lens to enhance strategy and improve ROI.

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