Grant’s Whisky

Creating family history to transform a brand in a tough market

Grant’s was competing in an unforgiving blended whisky market, locked into a negative cycle, with little or no brand loyalty, where three quarters of sales were discounted. The main consumer, over 50s males, was rarely the shopper and most buying was done by female partners.

As a multi-generational, family owned, blended whisky, Grant’s is steeped in history. Our challenge was to celebrate this and create shared appeal. Research revealed that family life was highly valued by both groups, and middle age had often sparked an interest in ancestry.

To celebrate Grant’s heritage, we secured a partnership with Findmypast where every bottle included a voucher worth £10 of family history. The offer delivered value to the shopper and a reward to the consumer, avoiding the need to price discount.

Large leather bound book containing a bottle of Grant’s Whisky set into the book

The results were spectacular. 12% value growth in a static category. Double digit increases in market share that outperformed the competitors sold on discount. A step change in how the brand is marketed that resulted in subsequent partnership promotions that have transformed Grant’s in the blended whisky market.

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